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Ace Tek was founded with a vision of helping every business cut through the rising fog of confusion that can be associated with the “Cloud “and IP based solutions. The economic world today is based on our Communications and IT infrastructure. It is a critical part of how companies preform day to day operations and ultimately bring goods to market. Many enterprises dole out huge amounts of capital in order to achieve growth and remain competitive. With a unique perspective from years of industry knowledge specializing in multi-site and multi-user solutions; along with our unparalleled partnerships. We can serve any business anywhere. Ace Tek is aligned with the industry’s largest technology services distributors giving you access to the top tier of solution providers. Ace Tek is able to equip every venture in every vertical with the tools to best fit them. Think Ace Tek for everything Voice, Data or Cloud. We Will help you regardless of site, scale, or solution needs.
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